KSU Financial Policy

King Solomon University is dedicated to providing the best possible education and service to our students. Your complete understanding of your financial responsibilities is an essential element of your education.

The KSU Bursar and Financial Aid offices are committed to assisting you with your student account needs; however, you as the student have the primary responsibility to make sure your tuition is paid on time each year.

Payment is Required at the Beginning of Each Year

Tuition for the full year is due by the 1st day of each year. For new students, payment is due on or before the 22nd of the month proceeding the first day of the first year. Acceptance of year registration confirms agreement to pay tuition in full.

KSU offers a monthly payment enrollment fee. To enroll in a payment plan, choose the "Make or View Payments" link on the RESOURCES tab in your student portal. Payment or payment plan participation is required by the first day of each new year. Students in an active bankruptcy are not eligible for a KSU payment plan.

Tuition Payment Deadlines

Payments received or payment arrangements must be completed on the student portal by:

New student with first year tuition - 22nd day of month prior to year start.

Renewal year tuition - 1st day of the year.

Financial Aid

It is the student's responsibility to apply for and submit all forms required by the Financial Aid Office and be aware of deadlines for submission. Additional information regarding financial aid is available online.

Application for financial aid is not a guarantee of funding. In the event you are approved for financial aid and are under-funded or you become ineligible for financial aid funds you are responsible for the financial obligation on your account. Regardless of the status of your financial aid file, it is your responsibility to ensure that tuition and fees are paid by the appropriate deadline.

Payment Methods

KSU accepts cash, checks, web checks/EFT credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) at no additional cost to the student through the online “Make or View Payments” link in the student portal. KSU does not accept post-dated checks. KSU will not hold any check for deposit past the date of the receipt of the check. KSU will not be responsible for any bank fees associated with the deposit of said check.


Once eligibility for refund is calculated, the Bursar Office adjusts tuition charges and issues refunds, as applicable. Funds reimbursed to the student are reimbursed via the original payment method; i.e., tuition paid by check is refunded via check, and tuition paid by credit card is refunded to the credit card used for payment. In the case of financial aid recipients, KSU is required to return unearned financial aid to the appropriate grant or loan program based on the Return of Title IV Financial Aid funds calculation, and as a result of this calculation, students may owe KSU a portion of tuition and fees that are not covered. All funding sources including scholarships — both internal and external, waivers, discounts and grants are subject to return of Title IV calculation. In the case of third party funds; i.e., employer contributions, government funding, military payments, etc, KSU will first verify with the original payer for the appropriate handling of the refund. The student is responsible for any portion of the tuition and fees owed after refunds to all payers.

Billing and Account Statements

A KSU student account billing notice is generated each time a charge or a charge adjustment is applied to a student account. Billing notices are delivered to myKSU student e-mail accounts.

Monthly account statement notifications are delivered on approximately the 25th day of each month. Notice of monthly account statements is delivered to myKSU student e-mail accounts.

Past-Due Accounts

Tuition for the full year is due by the 1st day of each year. Any account not paid in full, awarded financial aid funding or other third party guarantor, or on an authorized myPAYMENTPLAN is past due on the 2nd day of the year.

Past due accounts may be assessed a late fee and may be placed on financial hold for non-payment. Failure to complete payment or payment arrangements with KSU or make payment in full may result in administrative withdrawal.

Automatic Enrollment Confirmation/Not Attending Cancellation for Renewal Year Students

The student's tuition for renewal years will be automatically charged on the first day of the year. Thus, if the student will not be attending a subsequent year, it will be necessary for the student to indicate this by notifying their mentor by telephone or email prior to year enrollment for the year.

Once the student has completed year enrollment with the mentor, the student will be liable for charges incurred.

Returned Checks

Payment of tuition or fees with a check that is subsequently returned from the bank unpaid will result in a returned check fee. A student may not satisfy a returned check obligation with a personal check. After two returned checks, King Solomon University will no longer accept a personal check for payment on the student account. All future payments must be made via credit card or money order. Failure to clear a returned check taken in payment for tuition or fees will result in administrative withdrawal from KSU 10 days after notification of the returned check. Once this action is taken, the student cannot be reinstated for the year, but will owe the prorated portion of the charges for tuition in addition to other collection costs and charges necessary for the collection of the returned check. A student may apply for re-enrollment for the following year when all balances are resolved.

Delinquent Accounts

Failure to meet financial obligations of any kind to the university may subject the student to suspension of future services including enrollment for subsequent years.

In addition delinquent accounts may be referred to a collection agency and the student will be responsible for additional late payment charges, interest, attorney's fees, and other costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due.

Transcripts and Records Policy for Students with Unresolved Financial Obligations

In the event of any unresolved balance of any nature on the student's account the following records will not be released: diplomas, transfer of university competencies and transcripts of university competencies. These records will not be released until the balance is paid in full or the past due balance is resolved. When all financial obligations are resolved, the student is again eligible to receive transcripts and all university services.