KSU offers 9 main degree types, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including vocation, personal enrichment, and career advancement. You can earn a Doctoral, Masters, Bachelors, or Associates degrees which will contain a religious modifier, in the following disciplines:

Fine Arts
Media Communication
Social Work.

A religious modifier is a requirement for our compliance with FLDOE regulations to include in degree titles, as described in Section 105.06(1)(f) Florida Statutes pursuant to religious institutions exempt from Government oversight.

Some examples of religious modifiers are:

[Religious Modifiers: clerical devout doctrinal holy moral pious sacred sectarian spiritual theological believing devotional divine pontifical supernatural born-again canonical churchgoing churchly deistic ecclesiastical god-fearing godly ministerial orthodox pietistic prayerful priestly pure reverent righteous sacerdotal sacrosanct saint-like saintly scriptural theistic]

“Doctrinal” which is based on the word “doctrine”, translated as: a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion or government, such as in this recently issued Doctorate in Doctrinal Administration: (click here)

“Clerical” which is based on the word “Cleric”, translated as: pertaining to the clergy; clerical, such as in this recently issue Masters Degree in Clerical Media Communications: (click here)

KSU accepts transfer credits from the vast majority of other colleges and universities in the USA and Canada.

KSU accepts competency based education credits and life experience credits provided the applicant provides documentation and/or demonstrates expertise in the subject area. Click here for online application.

Additional Information can be found by contacting the Commission for Independent Education at: 855-245-3200

Avocational Degree Program:

KSU offers numerous other degrees and majors, in addition to the nine offered above, which are “avocational” degrees. Avocational degrees are not accredited, and not designed or intended to qualify its participants and graduates for employment. It is intended solely for the avocation, personal enrichment, and enjoyment of its participants.

Applicants who earn avocational degrees will be given higher priority for acceptance into advanced degree programs in KSU’s nine vocational degree programs. This is due to KSU being more confident that the prospective student is capable and ready for graduate level work, despite not having a “vocational” degree. For example, if a student earns a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering which is “avocational” (see disclaimer below), KSU may choose to accept this student into one of the nine vocational master’s degree programs which are required to have a religious modifier, and can be used for employment. Click here to see the avocational degree which one student earned and went on to join KSU’s graduate level degree program!

Disclaimer: This program is not designed or intended to qualify its participants and graduates for employment. It is intended solely for the avocation, personal enrichment, and enjoyment of its participants.

KSU avocational degrees can be of any discipline or subject that the applicant chooses. Life experience credits and transfer credits are accepted along with documentation and/or demonstration of competency. All KSU courses are fully approved by the KSU Provost for accuracy and reliability.

Transcripts can be requested by calling the King Solomon University registrar’s office, at: 1800-966-4783. There is a $50 fee for regular transcript requests, $75 for officially sealed transcripts. Please allow 10-14 business days for your request to be processed.